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Over 20 Years Of Experience specializing in Bat Removal

Bat removal is the most difficult thing to do when compared to other animal exclusions, that is why we have been specializing in them since the late 90s. With over 2 decades of specialized experience we can guarantee that the job will be done right the first time and in cases issues arise you will be protected by our warranty.

The bat exclusion process requires several steps.

1. The first step is inspecting the structure and identify all the entrance/exit holes.

2. The second step involves bat proofing the house by sealing all gaps, cracks, and holes, leaving all the entrance/exit holes open. This will prevent the bats from finding an alternate access point into the structure after they have been removed from the building. Anyone who tells you that only a couple holes need to be fixed has no idea how bat proofing is done and is more likely to take your money and leave.

3. Step 3 is to install one-way exclusion devices that allow the bats to leave  but not enter the building.

4. After the bats have been removed from the building the one-way exits are removed and the  holes are sealed. This is the final step in the bat removal process and is optional depending on client preference.

There are 3 things you need to know before you hire a contractor.

1. Reviews

Reviews are an amazing tool at your disposal that you can use to weed out contractors that do their job and those you will just take your money. When you look through reviews and especially local wildlife companies. Try to look for reviews associated with bats and not raccoons or squirrels. The amount of reviews and their quality will be a good indicator if they have enough experience dealing with bats and if they are good at it.

2. How long these companies have been around.

There are wildlife companies who offer 5 year warranty when they are in business for only 2-3 years. Also there are examples of other well established wildlife companies that they give long warranties but they re-brand themselves every few years making the warranties they give invalid.

3. Warranties

You should ask exactly what their warranty covers. Most companies warranty the work that they do and not whether you will still have bats or not. This is a huge difference as if you end up still having bats and you will have to pay more money for more work to be done.

Some insurance companies may cover bat removal, since they are not rodents. Most homeowners policies will not cover any rodent damage or removal, but since bats are not rodents and contacting your agent prior to an exclusion is suggested. In most cases, we have found many insurance companies will not cover the bat removal cost, but will cover the bat dropping removal and clean-up program.

Bat Removal Bradford Area Reviews

Kenny Saved Us!!

I have had a bat problem for quite a few years. They came out at night flying around our bedroom while we were sleeping, evening hours while watching TV., droppings in the basement etc. It made living in our home very difficult. I was nervous all the time, couldn’t relax when the evening came, and was afraid to go to bed! It became so distressing that we considered selling the house and moving. We spent thousands of dollars trying to fix the problem, hiring many bat control individuals and companies, spray foaming the attic, fixing the roof etc and nothing worked until Kenny came.

He spent 2 full days examining and bat proofing what seemed to be every square inch of the house! He worked hard and successfully! It has been a year now, and there have bee NO bats! NO evidence of bats either! No droppings, no scratching sounds in the walls, nothing! I am so incredibly relieved and grateful! I feel like Kenny has given me my “home” back. Bats used to be on my mind ALL the time and now I hardly think or worry about them anymore. Thank you Kenny for what you have done for us!

Private User 10/10

Bat Removal

If you have bats do not waste your time with wildlife services. Call a professional that specializes in bats. Kenny at Bats Canada is most certainly professional. He came when he said he would, spent two days on the job (I have a large house), explained what he was doing and why and charged a reasonable fee for the work done. You may get a less expensive quote from a wildlife service but with Kenny you will actually get rid of your bats. I highly recommend this company; in fact I just told my next door neighbor who encountered a bat last night to call Kenny.

Paul 10/10

Bat Removal

We had a unknown bat problem that came with the purchase of our Century Dream Home. My Wife and I had were pretty devastated that our beautiful house and biggest investment was full of bats making a mess of everything. We could not move in until our Attics and walls were bat free..I wanted to find the right person to take care of this problem once and for all. I found Kenny of Bats Canada and I couldn’t be more impressed.

Being a successful General Contractor myself as a profession , I could tell by the first phone conversation with Kenny that he was a specialist in his field. Along with having a great deal of knowledge around home construction , I knew this was the guy I wanted to do the work on my home.

Kenny approached everything from start to finish like a professional. His work is neat, tidy, and shows pride. A bat problem solved, is not cheap by any means , so you want the best and to only pay once to have it dealt with. With all the flashing, sealing and caulking he does to your home, not only is it bat proof, it also makes your home more energy efficient, he gets rid of a lot of drafts and heat loss , which is a pretty good bonus. Kenny is the person to trust for Bats, I would recommend him to anyone..

Derek 10/10

Bat Removal

We unfortunately had bats enter our basement area and then during the early morning hours made their way to the upper level. I called Bats Canada and I can’t say enough about how great Kenny was on the phone assuring me they would be by within a week. This was a Friday and by Wed. noon the two arrived. Kenny explained fully about how bats live and they went to work bat proofing the house.

I had mentioned that over the past few years we also had a rodent problem and although it was not part of their normal procedure, Kenny went completely around our home with a foam spray under the bottom siding which should prevent the rodents from entering. These guys are fantastic and for the past two nights we have slept convinced that no more bats will be flying around our heads coming on to dawn. Kenny assured us that he will be back in Oct. to remove the vents and seal up this area. Thanks again, we sure appreciate your immediate attention.

Mary & Laurence 10/10

Bat Removal

99.9% Customer Satisfaction

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3 signs to look for if you think you have bats

Bat Droppings

Bat Droppings can be found in the attic or around the house where bats either tend to roost or enter the house. If you see bat droppings in your attic then you definitely have a bat problem and your require bat removal. If you find them around your property then it is not exactly certain if they are using your building or just roosting there. For more information please visit our page Bat Droppings.

Bat Entry Holes

This is the most obvious way to see that you have a bat problem. If you can see bats leaving your home at dusk, that means you have a bat infestation. Bats will typically leave the home at dusk to feed and stay in your home during the course of the day. Bat entry holes have usually brown staining around them if they are heavily used and they are easy to identify even from the ground.

if you had a bat during the winter

If you had a bat show up in your home then you definitely have a bat problem. Bats hibernate during the winter in your home and a few times in their hibernation they tend to wake. Chances are a bat got lost after it woke up. Bats that hibernate in homes are the Big Brown Bats. For more information please visit our page Winter Bats.