What Bats Canada can do for you!

Bat Removal on TV

Bat Removal on TV 1

Bats Canada has over 20 years experience in bat removal. Due to our high quality of work, standards and overwhelming success we joined with HGTV Network and created a Canadian series, House of Bats.

“Two guys, one house and thousands of bats. Meet Benny and Kenny who are the premiere bat removal specialists in the country. If you have a bat problem, they know how to fix it. Bats may be the way in, but construction is the way out. Join the Batmen on their journey to rid houses of scary bats and watch them have fun, tearing down, ripping out and fixing your house to make it bat-free. ”

In “House of Bats” you will be able to witness first hand the quality of our work and how we will bat proof your house.

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What Bats Canada can do for you!

♦ We will do a comprehensive inspection of the premises and design a program to seal and evict the bats. This may include upgrades to the siding, eves, vents and chimney caps.
♦ We also offer abatement service to sanitize and de-odorize the structure. Bats will not re-enter and your building’s ventilation will not be compromised.
♦ Our staff includes professionals in the following areas: roofing, siding, abatement services, drywall, masonry, plumbing and ventilation, trapping and cleaning.
♦ We use no poisons, only humane one-way exclusion vents
♦ Only top quality products
♦ Lifetime warranty
♦ Permanent solutions guaranteed
♦ Residential and commercial service
♦ Servicing most of Ontario

Most companies in Ontario say they are bat experts, but they are actually generalists that do all wildlife. They do not specialize in one specific thing but we specialize exclusively in bats.