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Having Bats during the Winter?

During Ontario’s winter months, some people experience bats flying in their home. Unfortunately these homeowners have a colony of bats hibernating in their attic or walls. Contrary to popular belief not all bats hibernate in caves. There are 2 species of bats that colonize buildings in Ontario, Small Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats. The small brown bats are the ones who during the winter months hibernate in caves. If you have bats flying in your house during the winter then definitely you have a Big brown colony infesting your house as these are the only bats who hibernate in buildings all year round.

If they are hibernating why are they flying in my house?

During hibernation Big Brown bats commonly wake up every couple weeks. During this period, they may move around or even fly short distances. During this time, they may accidentally exit a gap in a recessed light fixture, cold air return, open attic hatch or wall. People commonly report finding bats in basements. Another factor that forces the bats to wake up and move around are sudden temperature variations. If the temperature becomes really warm or cold compared to the season’s average, bats will wake up and try to find another location in the house where it is more suitable for them.

Can I exclude them during the winter?

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done during the winter season to get the bats out of the house. Bat exclusion / bat proofing begins in the spring when the bats have woken up and they are actively going in and out of the building. As a homeowner the best thing you can do at the moment is contact us where we can give you some tips that will decrease the chances of a bat flying in again, and book us for a bat exclusion in the spring before we get overbooked and you will have to be in a waiting list.

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