How to permanently remove Bats from your home

To remove the bats from your home, you first have to identify the points which they are currently using. People often see one entry point and they immediately assume that this is the only point of entry. Unfortunately for the majority of the homeowners, this is not the case. On average a home will have 2-3 entry points and cases of 6-7 entry points are not uncommon.

With the entry points being identified, the rest of the building has to be sealed up to prevent the bats from re-entering the house. After the sealing is completed the one–way exit vents will have to be placed at the current entry points. Even though the above process might sound simple and straight forward, it is one of the hardest things to be done correctly. The number one reason, why homeowners pay twice or even three times over is because they hire wildlife companies which they don’t know how to properly seal the building up.

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Bats get into homes through small openings the size of a dime in width. The most common entry points are:

1. Chimneys,

2. Loose flashings and moldings,

3. Venting systems,

4. Dormers,

5.  Eves of the roof etc.

6. Soffit Line


If you find a bat flying around your house during the night or early morning this means that they didn’t come through an open door or a window. This is a big misconception that people usually have. The most likely explanation is that you have bats living in your house.

So you may ask how they got into your living space. Even though most people would find it hard to believe, is that the bats came from their basement. They reach the basement via pipes, ducts and wires which run through the whole building. This happens because in their attempt to get out of your building they got disoriented. Another reason would be fluctuations in temperature. Usually the hotter it gets the further they are driven downwards into the building (Bats are really sensitive to temperature changes).

How Bats Canada will get rid the bats from your house or attic.

The correct way to get rid of bats is hiring a specialist. Bats Canada will batproof your house from the outside making impossible for bats to re-enter. How do we achieve that?

Although we cannot mention all the details of bat-proofing a building, here are some of the changes we do to your house:

a)      Fix and repair loose flashings and moldings

b)      Seal the perimeter of the soffit line

c)      Screen of venting system and chimneys

d)     Fix and repair section of the roof

e)      Using the correct materials for the job

f)       General exterior modification of the building

As you can see from the number of changes that need to be done this is a highly specialized work. This is the reason why homeowners and local pest control people tend to fail. This is a project that requires extensive construction knowledge and skill. That is why Bats Canada provides a 5 year warranty that your house will be bat free.  We have to distinguish the differences in the warranty that we provide when compared to the local wildlife control companies. These people give you a warranty on the work that they have done but not whether your house will be bat free or not. This way in case there are bats still the house they can come back charge again for the same problem. This has happened to many of our clients.

You will not get rid of bats if you use the following methods:

You will lose your money and not the bats.

a) Bat Houses.

Even though bat houses seem to be a good idea 99% of the time the bats will prefer to stay in your home than a bat house. The main reason behind this is that bats will prefer an environment with stable temperatures such as your home instead of living in an uninsulated bat house.

b) Chemical repellents and sonic devices.

Sonic devices are completely useless and there have been cases in the USA where companies have been sued for false advertising. Chemical repellents are likewise ineffective and also illegal to be used on bats in attics, plus spraying dangerous chemicals in your home is not healthiest thing to do for you and your family.

c) Not doing your research.

Most people take lightly the fact that they have bats and assume that anyone can remove the bats permanently. Bats are the hardest animal to keep out of your home and unfortunately every single year homeowners spend thousands of dollars by paying for the same thing 2 or 3 times over. Do your research, find companies that not only say they can do it but also can prove it. Reviews are the best tool to see how effective is a company in removing the bats and how much experience they have in doing it. Never make a decision lightly when it comes to bat removal.

Bats Canada has been the leading company in bat control/removal for the last 20 years. We are servicing most of Ontario. For more information please visit our Contact Us page.

If you want to get rid of bats out of your house or attic and have it done right the first time, give us a call at 1-888-276-5998 or at 519-457-9995.

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3 signs to look for if you think you have bats

Bat Droppings

Bat Droppings can be found in the attic or around the house where bats either tend to roost or enter the house. If you see bat droppings in your attic then you definitely have a bat problem and your require bat removal. If you find them around your property then it is not exactly certain if they are using your building or just roosting there. For more information please visit our page Bat Droppings.

Bat Entry Holes

This is the most obvious way to see that you have a bat problem. If you can see bats leaving your home at dusk, that means you have a bat infestation. Bats will typically leave the home at dusk to feed and stay in your home during the course of the day. Bat entry holes have usually brown staining around them if they are heavily used and they are easy to identify even from the ground.

if you had a bat during the winter

If you had a bat show up in your home then you definitely have a bat problem. Bats hibernate during the winter in your home and a few times in their hibernation they tend to wake. Chances are a bat got lost after it woke up. Bats that hibernate in homes are the Big Brown Bats. For more information please visit our page Winter Bats.