Bat Exclusion Reviews

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See Ya Bats!

Let me start by saying if you have any Bat issues you must call Kenny at Bat’s Canada. We started with a bat issue a few years ago. Unfortunately when we discovered this, in our state of panic, we called a local wildlife company. They assured us that the issue was limited to our soffits, they caulked them up, put the one way door on and said the problem was fixed. They also offered a five year gaurentee. Well here we are a few years later and guess what…. bats again! This time in the walls. Turns out the wildlife company only made the problem worse by doing a partial job and all the bats did was relocate. Also after reading the fine print the gaurentee was limited to only the job they did. So this time after proper research we discovered Kenny at Bats Canada. What a relief. Kenny got back to us immediately and set up a time to come to our house. He is very efficient and so professional. He took the time to hear our concerns and explained exactly how he was going to rid us of these bats for good. He literally went from the bottom of our house to the top and covered every inch, sealing cracks and spaces and he easily discovered the 3 spots where the bats were entering our home. We have a large home with steep roof lines and he moved around with total ease. He installed 3 one way doors for the bats to leave safely and not be able to return. After completing the job he again took the time to reassure us that he would make sure our bat problem was resolved for good. He then was kind enough to give us a courtesy call the next day to make sure everything was ok. We found the price of Kennys work very reasonable and believe me you can’t put any price on peace of mind. I was many times losing sleep when I would hear the bats in the walls but since Kenny has been here I haven’t thought about it at all as I know the Bats will finally be gone for good this time! Thanks Kenny.
Rick and Leslie Wilmot, ON

Bats Canada

We live in a century home and have had the odd bat in the house over the years, usually during the winter, but last summer, mostly in August, it was more than a common occurrence. So I took my lawn chair and sat out at dusk just to see what was going on…I was more than a little disturbed to count how many freeloaders we had in our attic!
Now, I have no issues with bats in a natural environment, but it was a little unsettling not knowing when or where the next one was going to turn up inside the house – and a little embarrassing when you had company.
So I checked their habits, etc out on the internet, thinking we maybe could do this ourselves and was overwhelmed to say the least. We have a 3 story brick house with a metal roof, not my cup of tea…Then I found Bats Canada and shot an email off to Kenny who gave us a quote over the phone, came in the fall, on the designated day, sealed up every possible entry crevice, finishing with installing 2 one-way exit doors in the eaves where I had seen my tiny friends exiting. That night and the next, lawn chair duty again, I watched our unwanted guests leave for the last time.
It was expensive, but it’s my home and I wanted it back.
He just came this past weekend, in May, to remove the one-way doors and see if he had solved our problem, and I am happy to say we have not seen one bat since the first time he was here, although they are still around outside, they must have found a new home – perhaps in our barn, which is fine with me.
Thank you Kenny for the peace of mind and the professional, courteous service.

Fordwich, ON

Bat Removal

Had bats for two years living in our 3 year old structure. I decided to take the least expensive route and work with a soffit and siding installer last year to get rid of the problem. I was very happy with the work done, and the bats were nowhere to be seen after my cheap fix. I was confident they were completely gone. I even bragged to my wife that I had added a fresh new skill set to our household.
However, since there was no proven experienced bat extraction knowledge between myself, my soffit technician, or apparently my seemingly pest-knowledgeable friend base, the bats simply scatted to several more entry and exit locations the very next year in the same structure. My cheap fix attempt only multiplied and complicated the whole issue the following year. What looked like a calculated and inexpensive fix simply migrated into a much worse problem.
If you have bats and are pondering the least expensive approach to ridding your place of these winged rats, don’t do what I did. Don’t waste one dollar or one minute on an approach without the full experience and knowledge that comes with Bats Canada. I would have ended up paying much more than my single bill from Bats Canada if I had continued trying to fix this issue myself. It is a bit painful to know that I wasted any money on my “cheap approach” and then had to pay what would initially have seemed like a costly solution through Bats Canada. But without a proper and permanent guaranteed fix you may be faced with replacing all of your insulation, be assaulted with a foul smelling mess and discover exciting new health hazards these flying creatures bring to your party. Plus, you still have the bats!
I did like the fact that the bats eat a huge quantity of mosquitos every night, but it isn’t worth the risk of severe and costly property damage over time or the odd bit of bat waste that drops into your glass when relaxing and wine tasting on your patio in the evening with good friends. It is fun to watch the expressions on your guests faces as they start counting the flying rodents as they appear from your place like ship based fighter squadrons. The bats seem to take on the flavor of slightly unwelcome second cousins who are from the shallow end of the gene pool but now share your crib. Eyebrows go way up and its a wee bit embarrassing.
Ken from Bats Canada just left and I will weigh in shortly with my ultimate results. But once you call and meet him yourself, you will likely realize as I did that he has integrity, confidence in his work and you just know he will get the job done right. More to come!

Simcoe County

Bat Eviction

I have only good things to say about Kenny. Yes the cost is high, but we began calculating the cost of doing it ourselves, not yo mention the time at we feel it was worth every penny. Kenny was so thorough that I’m confident several issues would have been overlooked by ourselves, had we attempted to bat proof or another company. Furthermore, you have to know we have a very old and tall, huge house. Not every one is willing to work at such heights, but Kenny moved across it with ease.
My husband is a do it yourself kind of guy, and is an efficient tradesman spoke highly of his work.
We had over a dozen bats enter our living space last summer. Looking forward to skipping all that unpleasantness.

Holly in Ottawa

Bat Proofing

We have an old Victorian house and had a bat problem. Not only would the competition not take on our job, they referred us to Bats Canada. We can’t say enough good things about Kenny – the work was high quality, he took care of our landscaping, and the bats are gone. He stopped by six months later to make sure we were still happy with the job, and I have no doubt that if we do have a problem in the future, his guarantee will be honored with no questions asked.

Dave in Stratford

Bat Removal & Bat Proofing

I’m writing this review for Kenny from Bats Canada. We discovered we had bats on a Tuesday. The following day was a holiday. I called Kenny on the holiday (Canada Day) and heard back within an hour. I wasn’t sure if his company would service our area since we live in the Midland area and Bats Canada operates out of London, ON. Kenny had no problem with the location, he looked up our house on Google maps while I was on the phone with him, and was able to give me a quote right then. He came to our house at 8am two days later as planned. He was on time, and very professional. He got right to work, and worked all day, only taking one break for lunch. To say Kenny is a hard worker is an understatement. He had all the required equipment to safely work on our metal roof, and that was where the majority of the work was done. It is now a week later, and as expected we have not seen any further signs of bat activity. Kenny was able to remove them from our home in a humane way which left both us and the small brown bat population happy! The quote we were given was accurate. And it was worth every penny. Bats Canada are experts in the field. We are very happy with the service we received. Kenny will be back in a few weeks’ time to remove the one-way bat doors. We are happy to be living in a house which is free of bats. Highly recommended.

Lisa from Midland

Bat Removal

After having several unpleasant encounters after dark at various times throughout the year both before and after hiring 2 other so called bat removal experts. Our house has never seemed more quiet and peaceful. We finally have peace of mind after using Bat Canada. We were very pleased with their attention to detail. Thanks again Kenny and his team.

Dale from Brantford

Bat Removal

We have an old house built in 1947 and last summer we had bats coming into the house during the month of August. We had the odd bat show up in previous years, but never experienced weeks of bats flying around in the house. We had a roof leak and figured this might have been the problem. We contacted Kenny and he advised us to give him a call after the roof was fixed. Kenny took the time to explain that the bats were probably there before the roof leak and figured out that the ones we were seeing in the house were most likely baby bats who were confused and could not remember the original route used to enter the house. We learned a lot about bat behaviour from Kenny’s website as well as talking to him and we found this information helpful and it helped alleviate some of our concerns and dispell myths. We learned what to listen for and during the winter months when bats hibernated we would occasionally hear the bats waking up and moving around and going back into slumber, so did our cat. Because Kenny explained this might occur, we would not be upset hearing the odd scratching sounds. We had Kenny reserve us a spot for bat removal in early spring and when he came, he spent the entire day filling in cracks and putting up wire coverings over attic vents as well as setting up the one-way evacuations tubes. He was very polite, and kept us informed of everything he was doing. Kenny followed up afterwards to see how things were going. He called ahead to let us know when he would be back to remove the tubes. It is an expensive service, but we believe that Kenny is a professional that knows his business and is confident in backing up His work with a 5 year warranty. We have not had any bat issues since Kenny completed the job. Thanks Kenny for restoring our sleep and giving us piece of mind.

Diane from Ottawa

Bat Exclusion and Bat Proofing

We have had bats inside our very old house a number of times a year for a few years now. After being awakened by a bat flying overhead for the first time this year, I decided that I was not willing to wait for another sighting. Instead, I stayed up and spent hours researching why bats may be in the house, where they might come in, and how to best bat-proof our house. I kept coming back to Kenny’s website for Bats Canada, and realized that all of the services that his website promises were backed overwhelmingly by the numerous reviews. As a result, I had high expectations, starting with my initial call the same day…and Kenny didn’t disappoint me! Kenny answered my call promptly; and with confidence and patience, he answered all of my questions. When I asked about the price, he checked my home on Google Earth while we talked, asked a couple of questions about our roof, and was able to give me an estimate range. He offered to come the next day, and I was thrilled. He called to let me know when he was leaving London; and then while en route, he called to let me know when he would arrive. From the moment that I met Kenny, I felt confident in my decision to hire him, he is obviously a professional. He arrived in a white van with no mention of bats on it, and in no time was ready to start the job. Kenny and his helper are both easy to have around, they are very professional, courteous and quiet, and the neighbours also commented about this. They worked nonstop for about 8 hours, with only a brief lunch break. In that time, Kenny was caulking, filling holes, making sure that flashing beside chimneys was adhering properly, adding mesh inside attic vents… He was able to find a number of places where bats have evidently been getting into the attic. He left one-way vents in those locations, after sealing the areas around them carefully. He also found a place that if it got larger, could let a squirrel in. He took time to make a mesh basket in order to stop this problem. I feel confident that Kenny has thoroughly bat-proofed our home, and we are hoping that within the next night or so, the bats will all have headed outside. We had none visit our living space last night! I was impressed that Kenny was able to stay on the lower side of the price range that he had suggested on the phone. He actually called today to ensure that we are happy, and to ask if we had had any bats come into our living space last night. I am confident that Kenny will stand behind his 5 year warranty, and know that he is just a call away. I know that many people may think that the cost is high, but one needs to consider that they had to drive to Owen Sound from London, and had to deal with a 100+ year old 2-1/2 storey brick house with a very steep roof, and another house that was very close. I also feel that “you get what you pay for.” Thanks, Kenny!

Jan from Owen Sound

Removal of Bats

We called Kenny after we started having bats flying around inside our house in the late winter. Kenny of Bats Canada explained all about bats in our house and how he could get rid of our bats, he made an appointment and came to our house and humanely stopped the bats from living in our house. The bats left the house as soon as they went outside in the spring and they couldn’t get back into the house. We haven’t had a single bat flying around our living space since Kenny was here. He came back and removed the one way bat doors. His service is excellent and if you have bats- hire Kenny and you will not have bats anymore. Kenny is honest, hardworking, reliable, prompt, quick to respond to a call and quick to solve your bat problem, professional, and thorough. Our house is bat free thanks to Kenny. And he backs up his service with a five year guarantee. I would recommend Kenny wholeheartedly to any friend with bats in their house.

Christine from Kitchener

Bat Removal

I found Kenny on a google search after having two bats inside my house in a residential area (new area). He was so professional and knowledgeable. I had first talked to a general wildlife company who tried to scare me to fix my house and then sell it!!! They also wanted twice the price that Kenny was asking. Kenny bat proofed my house, I may have written a review then (July 2014), but just recently I thought I found a dead bat (was in a corner and could not see well) I called Kenny and he was ready to come out the next day. He could not see how one could have gotten in. A friend came by right away to dispose of the rodent and it was a mouse,,,,, no need for Kenny, but it certainly made me feel good to know how he stands by his guarantee. He called me back within five minutes and was ready to come out the next day.

Acadian Driveaway

Pest & Animal Control

Bat Proofing / Exclusion We bought our century home 4 years ago, and have been plagued with a half dozen or more ‘bat encounters’ every summer since. We called a pest control professional, and learnt the hard way that their exorbitant consultation fee provided us with little more than a considerable estimate with no guarantee of bat exclusion! After contacting Bats Canada and speaking with Kenny, we recognized our error in not having contacted him first. Kenny personifies the type of professional and knowledgeable contractor who is increasingly difficult to find. He provided us with the answers to all of our questions (no matter how dumb they may have been), educated us both on the issues that arise with bat infestation and the structural concerns that needed to be addressed in and around our home, and demonstrated a respectful and dedicated work ethic throughout. From the first time we contacted Kenny, to the time he arrived to do the work, he always communicated in a timely and friendly manner and kept us abreast of the timelines as to when the work would be completed. In early May, Kenny spent a very long day and a half repairing, sealing and securing the roof et all from future bat and squirrel entry! He diligently and thoroughly addressed and repaired a number of issues, both big and small, which he found as he meticulously inspected the roof in its entirety… no small feat considering the size and pitch of the roof. We were extremely impressed by the work performed. We are looking forward to our first ‘bat free’ summer. We highly recommend Bats Canada! Thank you Kenny!

May 20, 2015, Shane from Arnprior

Bat Removal

We live in a big old house and when we moved in we had a terrible problem with bats. I tried three other companies first. All of them said they would get rid of the problem. None of them did. And none of them would come back. As soon as I spoke to Kenny, I knew I should have gone to him first. He was excellent. He came right away. It took him about 10 minutes to determine where the bats were coming in, and what needed to be done (none of the other companies even got that far!). He removed the bats in a humane way and we have not had a problem for years, though if we did I know he would come back and fix it. I recommend Kenny without reservation. He is the best there is.

May 01, 2015, Robert from Kingston

Bat Proofing

Fabulous job! We have had bats in our roof for many years and last summer was the last straw. I found Bats Canada online and then spoke with Kenny who immediately assured me he could eliminate the bats from the house. Kenny worked tirelessly from 8:00am to 6:00pm sealing up our entire roof, including garage. The same evening, we watched bats trying to get back in, but they couldn’t. What a relief. Kenny is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his work. Whenever I have phoned him or left messages, he always called back. How refreshing it is to finally have someone, who is honest and has a great work ethic, work on our home. My faith has been restored in contractors who do a great job!! Thanks Kenny!!!

May 01, 2015, Marilyn from East Gwillimbury

Bat Removal

I can’t say enough good things about this company. We live in a large older home with a second house attached and had a significant bat problem. We had called in Wildlife “professionals” on two separate occasions to fix the situation at considerable cost. Sadly, it was a total waste of time and money. In desperation we searched the internet and luckily found Bats Canada. Their web site was very informative, and better still, they guaranteed their work! We hired them three years ago to bat proof our two houses.

Their work was extensive and thorough, closing off openings from the ground level to the roof top. And we have not had a problem since. Bats Canada is quite unique; they do exactly as they promise! How amazing is that? Our 5 year guarantee is not up yet, but Kenny was by today to check up on things. At the same time he reminded me if there is a problem, guarantee of not, call and he will come back. Bats Canada did a superior job and at the same time gave us peace of mind. I can go to sleep at night without fear of waking to a bat flying about – absolutely worth every penny invested.

April 22, 2015, Dianne from Hamilton

Bats Canada gave us our home back

We recently moved from the city to our dream home in the county. When we started to hear noises in the night and early morning, in the wall and ductwork…we initially thought it was a bird trapped in the eaves trough or hvac system. Until we were awakened one night to a bat flying around our bedroom! I was terrified…and my poor husband was forced to deal with the situation while I hid in the bathroom. The next morning we started Internet searches on how to handle this, only to discover that many “exterminators” out there charge a high price and offer no guarantee of complete removal or prevention of bats returning. Except Bats Canada.

My husband made the call and talked to Kenny for almost a half hour. We quickly learned what a true professional Kenny and his colleague are. They came to our home within 24 hours and were able to identify the entry points right away. They got to work…sealing up our home and preparing any areas on the roof that could also have been entry points. He explained the habits of bats to us and set up trap doors so any bats inside could leave…but not return. Here we are a year later..bat free and loving our home. Don’t waste your money elsewhere. Invest in your home and get back to living!

April 10, 2015, Karen from St. Thomas

Bat Exclusion

“The customer service administered by Bats Canada is exceptional. Fifteen years ago I spoke with Kenny (a representative of the company) after discovering bats in our house. He spent 30 minutes on the telephone educating me on the habits of bats (more than I wanted to know actually). I never forgot that call and have spoken of it often, amazed that he would give that much of his time. Finally, after years of enduring the situation, I hired Bats Canada to exclude the critters from our property once and for all. They were prompt, courteous, and the work was of professional quality. I highly recommend their services. Thank you Kenny for finally giving me some peace of mind.”

Oct 28, 2014, London, Marilyn Carr from Peterborough

Bat Proofing

“We have had bats in our house over the last 7 years. We called a pest control company a few years ago but they did not bat proof the house and the bats returned. This year we called Bats Canada. Kenny and his partner from Bats Canada came to our house in August to install the one way humane exits for the bats and to bat proof the house so they cannot get back in. They were very helpful and professional. We have not had any bats in the house since the work that they did. It has been worth every penny to have peace of mind again in our home. Thank you Kenny. We would highly recommend this company.”

Oct 26, 2014,Steve Scott from Orangeville

Bat Removal

“If you have a bat problem, look no further and call Kenny, at Bats Canada. Pest control companies claim to be able to remove bats, but will only give you a 1 year guarantee, Kenny gives you a 5 year guarantee, so what does that tell you. Kenny knows bats and will get rid of them the first time. He and his co-worker arrived promptly and were a pleasure to work with. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend Bats Canada.”

Sep 14, 2014, Bolsover, Sue Jackson from Toronto

Bat Proofing

“After 3 years of struggling with bats we called Ken from Bats Canada. His service was prompt and professional. He was very knowledgeable. We tried 2 other services with no success. We are particularly happy with the 5 year guarantee. We can finally put this problem behind us ! It is such a relief !”

Sep 08, 2014, Cambridge, Bonnie R Bowman

Bat Removal

“After having problem with Bats for a number of years and having no luck with a couple of other companies I came across Bats Canada in my search to get rid of the Bats. I read they took calls late at night so I called late one night and got Kenny on the phone He was great answered all my questions assured me he could get rid of our bat problem and guaranteed his work for five years. I was impressed with what I heard and how I was treated with honesty and respect. Kenny came out and few weeks later I watched him work non stop for 6 hours sealing all the spaces in our home and putting in the bat tubes. He did a great job and cleaned up after the job was done. H did a great job sealing our house getting rid of the bats in two days and also the birds that enjoyed our home. He is to come back to remove the bat tubes. I am very happy with the work and would highly recommend Bats Canada. They did the job right at a reasonable price. thanks again Kenny”

Aug 31, 2014, Grassie, Sharon from Grassie

Bat Removal

“We highly recommend Bats Canada Inc. and are completely satisfied with the service. We have lived in our century home for 24 years and have had bats the entire time. We have hired pest control services in the past and have had zero results. We contacted Bats Canada Inc. after finding the service through an internet search. Kenny promptly responded to our initial call. He and his helper attended our residence and we found them courteous, efficient and professional. Within 24 hours we were bat free!”

Aug 06, 2014, Belleville, Dan Megill from Marlbank

Bat Eviction

“There’s not enough good words to describe BatsCanada…they’re fantastic! If it was possible to give more than 10 out of 10 on this review site I would. My family and I recently moved into the old family farm home. It is a stone house built around 1850-60 and has likely had bats in the attic for 100 of those years! My grandparents and parents usually had to deal with 2 or 3 in the house/year, but after doing some renovations before moving in over the winter we learned it was very infested. I had lots of them trying to help me remove lath and plaster and re-drywall! We moved in a few months ago after renovations were done and would always hear lots of chattering and scratching in the evenings but none were getting in the living area of the house…until recently. After a few sleepless nights having to remove over a dozen bats in the bedrooms/living room/kitchen/bathrooms within 2 nights we figured we’d better do something. I’m a keen DIY’er but new that the bats were smarter than me and it was a job for a professional. I stumbled upon the BatsCanada website and they were the first one to get a phone call from me. Kenny was out to look at the house within an hour, and was available the next day. After walking around the house and talking with him it was definitely NOT a tough decision to make to hire him. His work is unbelievable. He not only bat proofs the house he makes it pretty much waterproof too, and repaired/replaced several sections of the roof as needed all while staying at the original price that was quoted. He worked non stop in the july heat from sun up to sun down sealing the roof, soffit, fascia and lots of cracks between stones, morter etc. It was amazing watching the bats come out that night and try to get back in…they couldn’t. For the first time in likely a century the house is bat free. Thanks BatsCanada you were a pleasure to deal with and will always be highly recommended by me.”

Aug 05, 2014, Thames Centre, Iain from Thorndale

Bat removal and prevention

“seems expensive BUT Kenny came out very promptly and spent 5 non-stop hours sealing up the roof, adding mesh where needed across air vents and adding the channels for the bats to leave (they were gone by day 2). He knew all about BAT habits so it was very reassuring dealing with a real specialist instead of someone just out to rip you off. His work is guaranteed and he’s helped us in a case against the house vendor who never declared an existing bat problem to us. He was worth every penny.”

Jul 30, 2014, Burlington, Maxx from Burlington

Bat removal and proofing of house

“After 5 years of trying to do it myself I found Bats Canada and after reading the reviews decided I had had enough and had Kenny come. He lived up to his reviews and exceeded them, very professional and dedicated service. I just wish we had done this earlier. You can’t go wrong with them.”

Jun 30, 2014, Whitby, Phil C from Whitby

Bat Proofing/Exclusion

“We had a unknown bat problem that came with the purchase of our Century Dream Home. My Wife and I had were pretty devastated that our beautiful house and biggest investment was full of bats making a mess of everything. We could not move in untill our Attics and walls were bat free..I wanted to find the right person to take care of this problem once and for all. I found Kenny of bats canada and I couldent be more impressed. Being a successful General Contractor myself as a profession , I could tell by the first phone conversation with Kenny that he was a specialist in his field .along with having a great deal of knowledge around home construction , I knew this was the guy I wanted to do the work on my home. Kenny approached everything from start to finish like a professional. His work is neat, tidy, and shows pride. A bat problem solved, is not cheap by any means , so you want the best and to only pay once to have it dealt with. With all the flashing, sealing and caulking he does to youre home, not only is it bat proof, it also makes youre home more energy efficient , he gets rid of alot of drafts and heat loss , which is a pretty good bonus. Kenny is the person to trust for Bats, I would recommend him to anyone”

Jun 27, 2014, Innisfil, Derek from Innisfil

Bat Exclusion

“We had bats roosting in our attic and in some of the interior walls; the noises rendered one bedroom quite unusable. They could have been there for years. A general wildlife expert came FIVE times but did not manage to solve the problem. Finally we called Bats Canada and they did the job in one day. No more noises in walls, no nighttime bats in basement or winging through upstairs bedrooms. In Kenny’s words; he turned the house into Fort Knox. We recommend this company all the way!”

Jun 17, 2014, Port Hope, Heather from Port Hope

Bat Removal and Cleanup

“Kenny of Bats Canada Inc. did a very high quality job of ridding our house of bats and then cleaning up the attic of bat droppings in preparation for it to be insulated. I went up to the attic and inspected the cleanup work after it had been completed. I knew what had been there beforehand and therefore I could see that an excellent job had been done. I was very pleased with the results and so was the insulation install crew. It’s two years now and no bats have returned. Our house was built around 1880. The work done was well worth the price. I noticed another review on this site giving Bats Canada a zero rating and I feel it is not at all valid (see Kenny’s explanation). I watched Kenny work and was able to interact with him quite a bit as I’m retired. For some people quality work is who they are and that describes Kenny exactly – he’s someone for whom doing quality work is very important. Recently we had siding added to our second floor facia and soffits and again I got to know and talk to the installer as he completed the job. During one of his breaks we were chatting and out the blue he asked me who done the caulking job up on the second story. It was Kenny who had done it since this is one of things that needed to be completed to keep the bats from getting back into the attic. Anyhow, the siding installer went on to say he had never seen such a good and through job of caulking as had been done on our upper storey. This is work I wasn’t able to inspect at the time it was done yet it was top notch. I was very pleased to hear that – yet it didn’t surprise me. So pay a little less and you’ll have your bats back before long or pay a little more for Kenny’s high quality work and that won’t happen.”

May 10, 2014, Thames Centre, Dennis Major in Thorndale

Removed 400+ bats from my farm house in Grey County

“Kenny and his team did a great job sealing up the house and roof and used one way doors to get the bats out. They just specialize in bats and have 5 year guarantee. The house looks much better as well. We are very pleased.”

Nov 29, 2010, Toronto , Alisha in Toronto