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Bat Removal Reviews

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Bats Canada - A1 Service

5.0 rating
May 10, 2019

I had Kenny out 5 years ago – I had counted over 150 bats leave my buildings (2 buildings). I was floored. Kenny came out – did his amazing work and I have had ZERO since. I built another out building and had him come out to inspect it incase it was vulnerable to bats. He came out – I live in the boonies, looked at the building, and reinspected his previous work. He felt the building wasn’t a concern. Fee for the visit… ZERO dollars. His work is impeccable – his integrity – absolutely​ the same.

Bill in Toronto

Bats Canada gave us peace of mind!

5.0 rating
May 3, 2019

After 3 episodes of chasing bats through the house in the wee hours of the morning, we found ourselves on the Bats Canada website learning about Winter Bats. We followed up with a phone call to Kenny who gave us lots of information about dealing with bats in Winter, and he followed up with a Springtime visit to evict our little bat-friends. Dealing with Kenny was a great experience and I recommend Bats Canada without hesitation. Kenny knows his stuff and his solutions are thorough and effective. And our bats have found new homes!

Kevin in Toronto

Stop Bats From Entering Attic

5.0 rating
April 30, 2019

Bats were removed and stopped from re-entering our attic. Kenny and his partner did a great job on this project. Their workmanship and professionalism was a welcome plus to getting this job done. The warranty is good and one of the reasons I chose Bats Canada. Kenny’s roofing background more than qualifies him to be successful at this work. He also took the time to explain how his one way doors work and where the bats would likely go when blocked out. The job was clean and successful. Will definitely recommend Bats Canada to anyone.

Private User, Stirling, ON

Repeat Bat

5.0 rating
November 26, 2018

Kenny is a true life saver! I made a mistake and forgot to call him while getting the roof done – he came out and proofed the place again. He stands by his work, and comes out when you need him.

Private User

Modern Day Superhero!

5.0 rating
October 10, 2018

Kenny is truly a modern day superhero without the cape! Within a month of purchasing our dream home we discovered a bat in the basement. It’s nothing hubby declared….probably got in when we were moving. Three more bats appeared within a month which sent me scrambling to the internet to learn more about bats that I ever wanted to know! This is when I first came across Bats Canada. The website was a wealth of information about bat behaviour. Suffice to say it took another year and multiple bat encounters later to convince hubby that we did indeed have a problem! I reached out to Bat’s Canada, sent in some pictures of our home and had an estimate within hours. It wasn’t cheap so hubby decided he could resolve the problem himself by patching a few holes where he thought the bats might be getting in. No change. After every bat that was dramatically removed from our personal space, with a combination of screaming and running for cover (me) and the practicing of badminton skills (hubby), hubby tried to reassure me that that that was “the last one”. It wasn’t until we heard the scrabbling noises of bats in our walls and ceilings every morning and evening that he too started to be creeped out by the situation. So I called another wildlife company for an estimate. Within minutes, based on my extensive bat research, I lost confidence in their knowledge and ability to solve the problem. I called Bats Canada. Kenny was forthright, honest and confident. I started to breath a sigh of relief. Kenny and his partner arrived sooner than expected. With tubes of caulking flying and a pocket full of screws, he worked non-stop sealing up every crack in our soffit, fascia, brick, chimney, roof vents, siding and dormers. The other wildlife company guessed that the bats were coming in the chimney. Within 10 minutes of being on the roof, Kenny knew the bats were coming in the dormers. Like a superhero that flies in to save the day, the bats are now gone! Bats Canada seems expensive until you see the work that Kenny does. Kenny also returned to remove the bat doors exactly when promised. Bats Canada also offers the best guarantee in the business. We didn’t even realize the stress we were experiencing until the bats were gone. We consider every penny money well spent!

C. Lapointe Lombardy, ON


5.0 rating
October 9, 2018

My cat is a serial killer.
Bat 2 lost its life on the second floor. In the middle of the night, the cat launched off the bed. I hear one quick peep. Lights on. Cat with a bat in its mouth. A month earlier, I thought I had a bird in the house (cat got it). Now I realize it wasn’t a bird (Bat 1).
Bat 3 lost its life on the main floor.
The cat is worth his weight in gold…..but now I see I have a problem and call Bats Canada. They came quickly, but in the interim, Bat 4 fell down the wall to my basement sanctuary.
No floor was safe!
In the last week, I had barricaded myself in the living room……and, if the cat wasn’t around, I was under a blanket.
But then came my heroes!! Bats Canada came quickly, worked efficiently (and non-stop!!!), and did an incredibly thorough job. As others have written, this was not an inexpensive thing, but peace of mind is a priceless thing! These gentlemen are extremely service-oriented and professional.
For anyone with a bat problem, I would strongly recommend their service. I didn’t see a single bat after they were here.

Pam in Saint Thomas

Bat Exclusion

5.0 rating
August 7, 2018

Kenny is a hard working individual and was very honest. His quote had no hidden costs or extras and the work was exactly as he described (thorough). I was getting ready for vacation and was having different family members coming in to take care of my 80 year old mother who is not always steady on her feet. Bats decided to make an appearance and traumatize both of us. Kenny and his employee were already on a job on the civic holiday Monday (which was very hot and humid) and drove for over an hour after they finished to come to our rescue. I highly recommend his work. Its 10+. His costs may seem high to some, but you are getting a professional job. You will get what you pay for. Words of thanks can not express the gratitude to be going on vacation knowing that the bats are moving out!!!!

Kim C in New Tecumseth

Bat removal

5.0 rating
July 12, 2018

Two summers ago we had the unfortunate experience of a bat flying down from our the third story of our heritage house and entering our main living area. My husband and I thought we dealt with the problem by catching it ourselves. Problem not solved. Two years later, not once, but twice, we were traumatized by a bat flying around our main living area. After researching bats we were alarmed to discover where there is one, there could potentially be a colony living silently within the walls of your home. Calling Bat Canada was the best decision we could have made. Kenny came within a day of our phone call, gave us so much information, and worked quickly and humanely to rid our home of bats. We recently had work done on the exterior of our home and because of Kenny’s expertise in fascia, soffit, and siding, he was not only able to identify any potential entry points, he also corrected small problems left undo by our last contractor. Bats Canada is not an inexpensive service, but bat removal is complicated. If you want the job done humanely, quickly, and done right the first time, we highly recommend hiring Kenny. You will not hire a more knowledgeable, courteous, and professional specialist than Kenny. Kenny stands by his guarantee and truly cares about giving his customers peace of mind in their homes.
With Thanks from the Clarke Family.

Kelly Clarke Kitchener, Ontario

Bat removal from roof

5.0 rating
June 20, 2018

We realized we had a bat problem in our roof and that it was probably ongoing for some time. Found Bats Canada online and called Kenny. He was able to come out quickly to complete the job and we waved goodbye to the bats for the last time that night – it’s been nearly two weeks now. Kenny is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and prompt and we would definitely recommend him!

Erin in Oakville

Bat removal

5.0 rating
April 30, 2018

Bats Canada is a company you can depend on.
Kenny’s communication skills were flawless while dealing with unseasonable weather this spring. Kenny and his work mate were both polite and respectful while entering the home. His service was essential in closing the impending sale of the house. Payment was made with our heartfelt appreciation!

J in Spruce Grove Arthur, ON