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Peterborough Bat Removal

As we have previously mentioned, the method used for bat removal has nothing in common with the methods used for removing other animals such as raccoons, squirrels, mice, and others. A correct bat removal does not include trapping or killing the bats that infest your home. Small Brown bats are included in the endangered species and are protected by federal law so no chemicals or poisons can be used. We do not use any type of traps, as bats can die from stress while in traps and relocation efforts are not successful.

Trapping and relocating bats is ineffective as bats tend to return to the same area where they were captured. Trapping and “moving” bats only creates a false sense of security for homeowners who see the bats “caught and hauled away”. The only correct way to get rid of the bats once and for all is to remove them and bat proof your home at the same time.  If the bat proofing has been done correctly the bats will not be able to enter your building again after they have been removed.

The bat exclusion process requires several steps.

1. The first step is inspecting the structure and identify all the entrance/exit holes.

2. The second step involves bat proofing the house by sealing all gaps, cracks, and holes, leaving all the entrance/exit holes open. This will prevent the bats from finding an alternate access point into the structure after they have been removed from the building. Anyone who tells you that only a couple holes need to be fixed has no idea how bat proofing is done and is more likely to take your money and leave.

3. Step 3 is to install one-way exclusion devices that allow the bats to leave  but not enter the building.

4. After the bats have been removed from the building the one-way exits are removed and the  holes are sealed. This is the final step in the bat removal process.

Do your research before you hire anyone. It will save you thousands.

Bat removal and bat proofing are one of the most difficult things done correctly when it comes to wildlife. There are two factors that are usually involved in your decision who to hire and unfortunately these are the ones that cost you the most amount of money.

1. Time

People when they discover that they have a bat infestation are rushed into hiring anyone that can come the same or the next day and make the problem go away. Unfortunately rushing without researching who to hire often is going to make your problem take longer to be resolved and cost more money. There are hundreds if not thousands of people every year who hire incompetent ”bat experts” which in the majority of the cases are local wildlife companies who have little to no experience.

2. Cost

Yes cost is an important factor and by calling around you will discover that the quotes you will get will be from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands. Cost shouldn’t be the only determining factor as hiring someone and they don’t do their job properly you end up having lost your money and you are still stuck with a bat problem. You have to be sure that you will not waste your money and hire someone that will be able to do the bat removal properly.


There are 3 things you need to know before you hire a contractor.

1. Reviews

Reviews are an amazing tool at your disposal that you can use to weed out contractors that do their job and those you will just take your money. When you look through reviews and especially local wildlife companies. Try to look for reviews associated with bats and not raccoons or squirrels. The amount of reviews and their quality will be a good indicator if they have enough experience dealing with bats and if they are good at it.

2. How long these companies have been around.

There are wildlife companies who offer 5 year warranty when they are in business for only 2-3 years. Also there are examples of other well established wildlife companies that they give long warranties but they re-brand themselves every few years making the warranties they give invalid.

3. Warranties

You should ask exactly what their warranty covers. Most companies warranty the work that they do and not whether you will still have bats or not. This is a huge difference as if you end up still having bats and you will have to pay more money for more work to be done.

Some insurance companies may cover bat removal, since they are not rodents. Most homeowners policies will not cover any rodent damage or removal, but since bats are not rodents and contacting your agent prior to an exclusion is suggested. In most cases, we have found many insurance companies will not cover the bat removal cost, but will cover the bat dropping removal and clean-up program.

Bats Canada Reviews from Peterborough Ontario

Bat Removal

For the past 3 summers, we have dealt with a few bats in our home, and it has been a very stressful event each time. We contacted Ken of Bats Canada last night, and he asked a few questions, gave us a quote based on a visual of our home from Google maps, and then told us he would be able to come to our home today to bat proof it. We were very relieved that he would be able to do the job so quickly! Ken and his co-worker called ahead, arrived on time and were extremely helpful and friendly. All of my questions were answered, everything they completed was explained to me. I highly recommend Bats Canada, as we now have peace of mind and with a 5 year warranty, their services are well worth the cost. Thank you very much Bats Canada for helping us make our home bat free!!


Bye Bye Bats

Living in the country can be awesome, but it comes with some other challenges including the potential to have bats wanting to join you. We had this issue and like many others tried contacting some local company, who never bothered to contact us again, or gave some crazy price because they were not interested in doing the job. I could have avoided a lot of grief if I knew about this company before, I am not getting paid here, but honestly,if you want it done right the first time, professionally and guaranteed look no further then Kenny at BATS CANADA. Good luck!


I had bats in my house last August. We managed to trap them and set them free and found out that they were getting into the house via a gap in the attic hatch. We sealed that up. Problem solved right? Wrong!!
August rolls around again and I am tucked up in bed all ready to sink my teeth into my latest true crime paperback when all of a sudden flutter, flutter, flutter…all hell breaks loose. Dogs barking like mad, cats going psycho and me running from room to room like a mad woman with a sheet over my head despite knowing that it is a myth that bats will entangle themselves in your hair. We managed to trap this guy and set it free. It must have sneaked into the house when I was too slow closing the patio door right? I’ve learned that that is the hope that we all cling to but sadly it’s not usually the case.
After two more indoor sightings and many sleepless nights I had to face the fact that I had a bat problem. I called a local wildlife removal service and received an estimate. Their price included a 1 year guarantee. I wrestled with that because I figured that I won’t know until next August whether or not the exclusion was a success. By then, my warranty will have expired and I was advised there could be further costs incurred to reseal where the bats still managed to get in.
I did more research and came across Bats Canada. After reading their positive reviews and learning that they offered an unheard
of five year warranty I gave them a call. All they do is bat removal (more like an exorcism if you ask me). I spoke to Kenny who not only is the owner, he actually comes out and does the work himself. I live in Peterborough so I asked if he subcontracted the job out to a local outfit. The response? “If you hire Kenny, you get Kenny”. Kenny and an associate arrived at my house at the appointed date and time and within minutes he was able to determine how the bats were getting in. His experience shows. Within 3-4 hours the job was done. The house was sealed and one way exit tubes were installed. I have to admit I was impressed because not only was his price comparable to the
that of the wildlife removal service he went the extra mile and rectified a few down spout issues on my roof which will help
extend the life of the shingles. That was Kenny’s prior life as a roofer kicking in.
My only disappointment? He didn’t arrive in The Batmobile!!

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