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Kenny Charboneau has been a contractor for his entire life. After having a successful decade operating his own roofing company “Supreme Roofing”, he decided to establish Bats Canada.

Bats Canada is the longest standing company in Ontario that specializes exclusively on the removal of bats. With over 20 years of experience in bat removal and 2 HGTV episodes, Kenny and his team have seen and done them all. Having bat-proofed bungalows to churches, there is no building that cannot be fixed.

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Congratulations!!! You are the owner of a bat free home. From now on you can sleep knowing that any future issues will be dealt by us without any added costs.

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We will come and bat proof your house while answering any further questions you may have. Bat proofing your home in most cases will be completed the same day.

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Bats are the most difficult animals to keep out of your home. Bat Removal is a specialized work and it needs to be left to the experts.
The majority of our clients have either: Been ripped off by wildlife companies and lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars or have been sold a house with a bat problem where the previous owners “forgot” to mention. In the majority of the cases, homes require small repairs and modifications.

We have people who are ex-roofers and ex-soffit-facia installers who understand how a building is put together and can repair it properly. Wildlife companies just use metal mesh and foam your house to death. A process that doesn’t last long and makes your home look terrible.

Why risk throwing your money away with a wildlife company that does a little bit of everything.
Call us and have the peace of mind that your problem will be dealt with by the best in the industry. Wildlife companies are the Jack of all trades and not specialists.  If you want to see the bad quality of work some companies do just head to our Jobs Gone Wrong page.

Bats Canada is the longest standing and most reviewed Bat removal company in Ontario. 100% Success with a lifetime warranty.

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Why do I have bats flying in my home during the winter?

I have a bat in my home flying right now. What do I do?

  1. Do not panic. The bat is not going to attack you.
  2. Avoid sudden moves and open a window or a door.
  3. Bats sense airflow so they will  find their way out once a window is open.
  4. In the case you have to actually grab the bat and throw it out, use a towel and heavy gloves if available.
  5. Do not chase it. Just let the bat settle somewhere.
  6. Calling for removal of one bat is usually a waste of money because by the time someone gets there the bat has probably found a way back in the walls.

For a Step by Step Bat Removal Guide please click the link below.

Dangers of having bats living in your home

  1. They carry rabies.
  2. The bat droppings or bat guano can cause histoplasmosis in humans and pets.
  3. Symptoms of the disease can be flu-like, to begin with, and also affect in vision, hearing, and the heart’s performance.
  4. The damage they cause requires major attic cleanups and renovations.
  5. They carry bat bugs, ticks, flees and other diseases.

For more information about the dangers you can visit Bat Conservation International by clicking below.

3 Signs to look for if you think you have bats


Bat Droppings

Bat Droppings can be found in the attic or around the house where bats either tend to roost or enter the house. If you see bat droppings in your attic then you definitely have a bat problem and your require bat removal. If you find them around your property then it is not exactly certain if they are using your building or just roosting there. For more information please visit our page Bat Droppings.

Bat Entry Holes

This is the most obvious way to see that you have a bat problem. If you can see bats leaving your home at dusk, that means you have a bat infestation. Bats will typically leave the home at dusk to feed and stay in your home during the course of the day. Bat entry holes have usually brown staining around them if they are heavily used and they are easy to identify even from the ground.

Had a Bat during the Winter

If you had a bat show up in your home then you definitely have a bat problem. Bats hibernate during the winter in your home and a few times in their hibernation they tend to wake. Chances are a bat got lost after it woke up. For more information please visit our page Winter Bats.

The Reality of living with Bats

  1. Only a really small percentage of bats have rabbies and when they do they are usually really weak to fly or do anything. Based on 2017 Canadian Food Agency report you are twice as likely to contract rabies from skunks and 4.5 times from raccoons in Ontario.
  2. The majority of cases were when they grabbed them without any protection.
  3. Bats do not attack humans but like any other animal when cornered they will try to defend themselves if someone attempts to grab them.
  4. If you are living in a build up area (e.g subdivision) you most likely will never have to do a major clean up as the number of bats tends to be small. In 99% of our jobs clean ups are not needed.
  5. Only farmhouses and churches with a long history of bats tend to require clean ups. Be very wary if some “professional” keeps insisting for charging you for clean up.
  6. Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus that grows on large quantities of wet bat droppings. And that only becomes dangerous if it becomes disturbed and airborne. Chances of people contracting it is extremely low as in most cases in Ontario there are only really small colonies of bats (especially in the cities)

How to Get rid of Bats videos

Bat Removal in Action

Watch how bat vents work from a job we did in Perth Ontario

Bats Try to Re-Enter and Fail

Watch how bat try and fail to re-enter the house after bat proofing